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Master Resale Rights & Permissions

All design templates and template bundles for sale on the Logos By Nick Store come with master resale rights once purchased. This means that you can resell the templates to your own subscribers or customers. You can even remove my branding and replace it with your own!

That said, there are some conditions that must be met:

Usage Permissions

  • You may resell the products as-is
  • You may sell as many copies as you’d like
  • You may sell them for a greater price than what I sell them for
  • You may upload purchased products to online marketplaces for sale
  • You may run paid advertising campaigns promoting the products
  • You may replace my branding with your own
  • You may use the product’s original name, description and branding for your own listings
  • You may replace my terms of use document with your own (or edit it to replace my information with your own)
  • No credit or attribution to myself is necessary 

Usage Restrictions

  • You may not give this product away for free
  • You may not give this product away in exchange for joining a mailing list or completing some other kind of unpaid action
  • You may not sell it for a lesser price than it is listed at (if I’m running a sale then you may match my sale price for the duration of the sale)
  • You may not grant others the right to resell this product
  • This license only applies to products listed for sale at and not any of my educational courses or the free templates I send out periodically
  • I retain the right to revoke resale permissions if any of these conditions are violated

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything just send me an email at

Best regards,

Nick Saporito

Logos By Nick